Overuse Injuries of the Arm


For physically active people or those into rowing, overuse injury is such a common thing. These injuries may range from the simple ones which can only be treated using a bag of ice or compression to a more severe ones which will be needing surgery in the long run.

So what is an arm overuse injury? Simply it is a kind of injury you get with repetitive extreme actions of the arms which may happen in an instant such as a sprained wrist or elbow. It often occurs when someone is pushing himself too much, exhausting his arm in the process. In order for you to keep away from getting into an arm overuse injury, let’s check out more about them.

Overuse Injury

The Cause

In order for you to get a deeper understanding about arm overuse injury, it is important that you know its main causes. One is inflexibility. Your arms are not properly conditioned and don’t have the right kind of endurance needed. Another cause is the wrong training technique and equipment used.  There will be instances that that training routine you’re doing isn’t suitable for your body and it’s too harsh for your arms to handle. Lastly, you might be pushing yourself to the limit, not realizing that your arms don’t have the right strength and endurance required.


Prevention is better that cure. This might be an overrated saying, but it still works. Why would you prefer to wear an epicondylitis brace instead of finding a way to prevent it? The first way to prevent an arm overuse injury is to do the right warm-up and warm-down before and after you exercise. You also need to do the proper conditioning before you get into a more extreme routine. Not to forget about using the right equipment. Make sure that all your equipment are in good condition to avoid accidents to happen. Finally, know how to listen to your own body. The moment you are feeling discomforts, stop and know the real cause of it.

Treatment and Cure

Just like any other type of injury, arm injuries are be treated in some different ways. For some, compression, application of ice or elevation will do the trick. You might also need to wear some braces to aid you with mobility. You can get more ideas from Brace Access if you want to know more about the different kinds of braces that you can use. But don’t forget to visit a doctor for assistance. For worse arm injury cases, surgery might be needed. And you definitely don’t want to get to that level of injury for it might leave you disable for life.

As a whole. Arm overuse injury isn’t that worse. Yet you can’t be confident about it. It might become worse if you don’t do anything about it first-hand. So if you want to avoid getting into an overuse injury on the arm, learn how to prevent them and know what to do to keep your arms in good shape. For more help, you can always visit a physician to have the right checking.





Why Professional Rowers Often Have Chiropractors on Their Team

Rowing involves the back muscles a lot more than other sports. For this reason, at Back2health, we treat a lot of rowers with back pains. Among Vancouver chiropractic services, back problems is the number one complaint encountered and this is mostly from rowing athletes. This is the reason why professional rowers often have chiropractors on their team.

Top Reasons for Having Chiropractors in Your Team

Having a chiropractor in your team ensures that you have a ready professional to provide care whenever you need it. And you will need one. With the nature of the rowing sport, pains and severe injuries is part and parcel of an athletes’ life. So instead of avoiding it, you might as well embrace it and provide the best care possible when it happens. Here are some of the common injuries that chiropractic care is known to be good at providing healing.

  1. Lower back and Neck Pain—As already mentioned, back pain and neck pain is very common among rowers. This is because they are mostly in a sitting position through the entire length of the workout and using primarily their back muscles. With chiropractic care, you can be sure that back injuries will be treated without the possibility of getting worst.
  2. Sciatica—Studies has shown that chiropractic care is 70% times more effective in treating sciatica compared to corticosteroidal drugs. It has no side effects since you’re not taking anything and the treatment mainly focuses in muscoloskeletal manipulation.
  3. Athletic Performance—Athletes have observed a dramatic increase in their performance after a regular chiropractic session. While nutrition is attributed as part of the equation, there is doubt that chiropractic care really worked its charm. Some athletes would even book a series of sessions just to experience a boost in performance.
  4. Prevention of Surgery—Due to its ability to provide non-invasive cure, a lot of athletes resorts to chiropractor as an alternative to surgery. The reason behind this is obvious: why engage in a solution that will cause you to suffer wounds when you can one that is equally effective but non-invasive.
  5. Migraine headache—Headache is part and parcel of life even for non-athletes. With rowers, this can mean a day off the workout. This is not acceptable especially when competition is near. So they resort to chiropractic care to solve headache. It has been proven that chiropractor is more effective in treating headache than pain reliever. This is the reason why this solution is popular among those who suffer from migraine.

The benefits of chiropractic care has been enjoyed by athletes for so many years. Recently, it has gained a lot of attention due to its effectiveness. The teams that have a professional chiropractor in their team has ready access to regular care. This translate to not having to book a session or to fall in line in usually full clinics. So what are you waiting for? Hire a chiropractor to be part of your team.

Training Items for Water Sports

Getting into some water sports is such a great thing to do in your lifetime. However, if you’re just starting out, lots and lots of training is needed. You probably have to stay longer in the water than home. Training is much more important if you want to be the best in whatever water sports you like.


When it comes to training for any kind of water sports, there are a lot of things that should be considered. One is using the most appropriate training equipment as your aid. There are a lot of training items that you need to have for you to be able to practice well. So before you even get started with your first training session, let’s check out some if the ideal training items that you should have.

Water Sports Training

In some aspects, water sports training can be more challenging than any other. The water itself is adding to the encounter. Unlike non-water sports, you really have to consider safety when dealing with water. The risk of falling and drowning is much higher. That’s probably the main reason why, there are too many training equipment designed and made available for water sport enthusiasts.

When you are wearing the right gears and clothing, you can be sure that you’re safe and protected whatever happens the moment you step into the water. You can never put your own safety in jeopardy. Just like what the website http://www.nightlynurse.com is reminding people who are into some extreme sports. Make sure that you always put your own safety on top of your priority and never compromise or else you’re end up getting into some sort of injuries.

The Training Essentials

Don’t get too excited if you are planning to get started with any water sport. It is always important that you make the right preparation. And considering all the training essentials is very important. Carrying all the items and equipment needed for your training is needed to make sure that you’ll have a smooth and trouble free training.

So what are the items that you need to carry with you?

Life Jacket. When we talk about water sport training, what’s more important than having a life jacket? Well, unless you’re a swimmer. But with any other sports, don’t forget to bring a life jacket on your first few days of training lessons.

boardFloats. This might sound like you’re a little kid, but hey, if it’s your first time to some sporting activity in the water. You might want always have floats available. You don’t know when you’re getting yourself into trouble.

Bodyboard. This is the best stuff to use if you wanted to start working yourself with the waves. It was designed for easy maneuvering giving you the best opportunity to glide through the water.

Clothing. This will sounds like a general thing. But yes, you need to wear the right clothing from head to toe when getting into the water. That way you can more freely and with ease.

Devices: This will include some recording stuff such as good watches, speedometers, etc. in which you will be able to monitor your progress over time. Giving you the best opportunity to improve.

How to Practice your Rowing at Home

For some good reasons, rowing has becoming more and more popular these days. No wonder that you can actually find a lot of fitness gyms and studios having rowing equipment ready for those who wanted to enjoy the fun of rowing without being in the water.


Many fitness enthusiasts find rowing as an effective way to get fit and to burn some calories. It is even one component of Crossfit, which definitely proves that rowing isn’t a jest.  If you are planning to go for it, make sure that you’re serious enough to learn it the best way. Remember, rowing requires a good amount of strength and power to do it right.

Getting Started

If you’re just a beginner and just starting out to learn the art of rowing, then you have a long to go. However, practice and training always pay off. What you need is to have the right knowledge, the right attitude, some amount of determination and most of all, a good place where you can constantly practice.

You can also find a good number of fitness coaches and instructors that will be able to assist you when you’re just starting out. Or you can also find tons of training materials, videos and articles online that can guide you through the process. You just need to make sure that you would only go what your body can handle.

Rowing is such a great sport and perfect way to exercise to achieve the strength and power that you want for your body. But would you believe that rowing is actually not for everybody? With the amount of strength that you need to exert, you better check with the professionals first before you get on to that rowing machine.

Home Practice?

rowing2Practice rowing at home? That’s absolutely possible. If you are capable to getting your own rowing machine at home. Then good for you. But if you don’t have that many resources to begin with, there’s such thing as improvising. Doing some exercise routines that will give you the same rowing effects.

The Backyard Site always remind us that we can always make use of our backyard for exercise. We don’t have to go out and pay some monthly membership just to get fit. It can be less expensive and you’re closer to your home. But what if you want practice rowing, can you do that at home?


You absolutely can! As a matter of fact, you don’t really need that big rowing machine. If it doesn’t fit your budget, you don’t have to buy one. You can create your own rowing exercise area in the backyard. A little bit of assembling and building is probably needed. You can create something to mimic the kind of workout that you do. Doing some Plyometrics and pulling exercises will seal the deal. You can use some huge old truck wheel, ropes and all the other available stuff around.


The most important thing when practicing rowing is you are to improve your arm and leg strength. Not to forget about having the right cardio power. You can always find help around. It’s only a matter of having the right knowledge and determination to do it.

The Proper Methods to Row

If you are planning to work your way to become the best rower someday, then you definitely want to start by practicing, not on waters but on a rowing machine first. These days, you can find a lot of fitness clubs and gyms that have rowing machines added to their amenities to accommodate those who wanted to practice rowing. Not to forget that rowing is such an effective fitness activity that targets your core.


Rowing can absolutely be an effective workout if you know how to do it right. It can even help you burn up to 800 calories an hour of doing it. Yet, it may not be as easy as you see it. You certainly don’t want to look like a total freak when you do the first time or worse, end up wearing some knee braces because of injury because you didn’t do it right.

Rowing 101

For starters, rowing can really be intimidating and challenging. Unlike other workouts, rowing requires you to use almost every part of your body and exert a good amount of energy. Beginners often made common mistakes such as not making proper adjustments to damper settings or they put all the rowing job to their arms. In which will often lead to strain and injuries.

In order to start learning how to row right, you probably have to seek someone’s help. A rowing expert or a fitness coach. Yet before you step out and head to the gym, let’s take a closer look at some of the best tips and ideas about doing the rowing right.

Always remember that rowing is not your arm’s job. About 60 percent of the power should be done by pushing with your legs, around 20 percent from your body’s core and only 20 percent goes to your arms. You always have to utilize your leg’s power by pushing it against the foot stretcher.

rowAnother important key to rowing is to make sure that you relax your shoulders and keep your spine neutral. It would also be even more effective if you can focus on your core abdominal muscles. If you don’t keep your body relaxed, you’re definitely close to getting into a serious back injury.

The process of rowing is quite simple. But it requires some amount of strength and power on your part. So first, do the pushing with your legs, then pivot backward on your hips, slightly in lay back position and then start pulling your arms into your chest. Then go back to the first position.

Other tips and reminders…

Since rowing can be a cause of a serious back or leg injuries, make sure to check out with the professionals first before you get into that rowing machine. You have to make sure that your body is ready and is up for the power and strength needed for rowing.

Remember, rowing is such a great workout. But it can also be a dangerous one if you don’t have the right knowledge and ideas to begin with!



Why Olympic Rowers will Supplment their diet with Organic Sulfur

With the Olympic Games around the corner, athletes from around the world are preparing their best galas and tuning up for the big event.  They have dedicated most of their time to enhance their performance and to give their best to save a spot on the podium.  The precious medal is the goal and everything that can be done to get one will be.

The Olympic Rowers is one discipline that brings about a great deal of attention.  The races are highly competitive and thrilling.  The winning team will be the one with the greatest strength and endurance, as simple as that.  So it is not only about rowing. It also involves being fit and in shape.  Meaning that team members should work out as much as they can.

This is why these athletes will supplement their diet with Organic Sulfur.  Part of having a healthy lifestyle, necessary for an optimal performance, involves eating healthy.  Organic Sulfur is a necessary nutrient that has great benefits to the body and it renders amazing results in athletes.  Since the regular food intake does not provide the amount necessary for optimal results, it must be added to your food as a supplement.  This substance is a completely natural one and it will not show as an illegal substance.

The following are only some of the benefits that Olympic rowers find in adding organic sulfur to their diet:

  1. For starters, organic sulfur is a increases enzyme production.  This brings as a benefit a greater resistance to disease.  In the case of injuries, it is great for the rapid healing of them.  The rate at which bruises and even sicknesses are healed is actually impressive. Athletes recognize that recovery time is greatly reduced with the regular use of organic sulfur.
  2. At the cellular level, organic sulfur has the power to increase a cell’s membrane permeability.  This means that there is no chance for water to build up inside the cell and cause inflammation.  Athletes find this very beneficial as it reduces inflammation in the muscles.  This, of course also helps to the fast recovery of injuries.
  3. It is great for blood circulation, which guarantees a proper distribution of nutrients in the body.
  4. Due to its anti-inflammation properties, it allows a greater flexibility of joints and muscles.  This is very important for Olympic athletes which need dexterity in arms and hands to properly row their boat.
  5. The regular consumption of organic sulfur has a lot of benefits to a person´s health.  It helps to the production of insulin.  It is associated with a better kidney function.  It prevents emphysema, migraines, headaches, eye irritation, and it helps to a proper digestion.

The Olympic Rowers are aware of the importance of giving their best. The consumption of organic sulfur, a natural nutrient in the body, is a supplement that will help them stay physically level.  Their bodies will better respond to the stress of the competition and the demands of it.

Why Rowers Wear Elbow Sleeves

Rowing is such a great sport. Yet, it might not be for everyone. For beginners, mastering the game is definitely a real challenge. It requires your entire body to work. Your arms, your feet your neck are the ones that’s getting all the wear and tear. It might be a great sport and a great workout, but it can definitely strain you.


Many athletes who have been into rowing for years know how it feels to get sored in almost every part of the body. Joint aches and injuries are inevitable. That’s the main reason why rowers are required to do proper exercise routines, go healthy and most of all, to wear the right gears and protection. You can’t stay away from pain, but you can absolutely find a way to lessen it and avoid any resulting injuries.

Common Injuries

For anyone to understand the real rowing challenge, it would be a good idea if you know the most common injuries that rowers are getting into.

Pain in the lower back. This is very common for rowers. When doing rowing strokes, the muscles in the back area are most likely to get strained. Doing it repetitively will definitely cause so much pain. Knee pain is also common.  Exerting too much rowing effort will also affect your legs. Rowers are also taking the needed strength from their legs, straining them over time. Wrist pain is another thing that rowers should endure. Because of doing intensive rowing strokes, your arms and wrist are at stake. Wearing wrist and elbow sleeves might help a bit.

Avoiding pain is absolutely not possible. But, avoiding severe injuries is. For that reason, make sure that you are wearing some protective gears and equipment to protect your body such as wearing the best elbow brace.

Why Wear an Elbow Sleeve?

elbowNot all rowers are comfortable wearing extra braces and sleeves when they row. They’d choose to play freely. Yet, that’s also the reason why many beginners are getting into injuries. If you’re new to rowing, your body is isn’t used to the kind of effort and strength that you’re exerting. That’s when you feel pained and strained.

Wearing elbow sleeve or brace for instance will benefit you in many ways. One, it can protect your elbow from getting too much strain. Rowing with all your power, vigorously, it can possible tear up some muscles and joints.  And your elbows are not exempted. You need to protect it against possible injury and any other major damages.

You also need to wear elbow sleeve if you already have gone through an initial injury to avoid getting it worse. Not to forget about having only one set of arms and elbows. Getting into a major injury is always the start of a career ending story. So if you want to be the best rower of your generation, you probably start thinking about wearing some protective gears and braces.

Remember, once you have decided to row, you need to get your body and mind ready. It definitely requires too much effort from you. Make sure to do the right workout, be in a healthy diet and most of all, protect yourself, wear elbow sleeves!



How can Foam-Rolling help your Rowing

Well, let´s face it.  Rowing is a lot of fun and games.  It is so relaxing for those who truly enjoy these kinds of ultimate adventure.  Now, as with any sport or discipline, sometimes it might get rough down at the muscles and joints.  Either because you have been rowing so hard or so much (who doesn´t!) or maybe you just did not sleep that well last night, there is always a chance of getting a little cramp or having some bumps on your muscles, otherwise known as muscle “knots”.

The muscles are separated from other muscles and organs by a thin layer called fascia.  This layer actually pretty much separates all the organs from each other.  In the case of the muscles, when there is some strenuous activity involving them, this fascia might build up in one spot producing those knots.  These feel like a small bump on the muscle that can actually be painful.  The best way to get rid of these knots is a myofascial release.  This is when the knot is allowed to “unravel” through a pressure massage.

In the presence of such knots, you have pain and, therefore, your abilities to get back on the river decrease.  You cannot risk adventure to a more serious injury if you do not have those bumps looked at.

The best method for a myofascial release is a foam roller.  The great thing about a foam roller is that it is lightweight, practical and not too expensive.  In fact, you can get the best foam roller for runners at the best quality if you search well.

Since your adventure involves rowing, you probably want to focus on your arms since these are the parts of your body that you probably use most.  The upper part of the core is also a section you might want to look at.  Foam rolling is actually pretty simple and great fun!

Not only should you go foam-rolling on those trigger points but you should probably make a habit out of foam rolling.  If you go for it as a regular activity, it is recommended for you to foam roll before and after going for a tough rowing adventure.  The reason why it is advisable to do this is because foam rolling actually loosens up your muscles.  You will notice how when you stretch those muscles over a foam roller, you are better prepared for a switch or a rapid action.  Sounds like a good plan for those biceps at the moment of taking a rapid stream.

The purpose of foam rolling after your experience over the water is precisely to avoid the formation of those trigger points.

So now you get a better experience at rowing and you help stretch those muscles in a rather fun way.  Keep your foam roller with you and take it to all places where adventure is calling you.

Exercise Rowing Machines Provide A Low Impact Workout

A person could have one of three reasons why they exercise. They could be wanting to lose some weight, gain some muscle mass, or simply to relieve some stress. Or maybe they would like to do all three. In any event, the bottom line is to get more fit and healthy. With more and more people getting conscious about their health, fitness, and body, the need for fitness exercises are continuously growing. And the more effective the exercise, the more popularity it seems to gain. Natural exercises like jogging and running have become very popular exercises that do wonderful things to your body and your level of fitness.

rowing crew

Since a lot of these exercises use every major muscle you need to develop, they are also quite effective in helping the condition of the heart which will improve your overall health condition. However, for certain people these activities are not very appealing since doing so means banging on their joints and putting pressure on the heels, the legs, and even in the head. Not to mention that this also leads to muscle soreness.

As another option, many people are turning to rowing. As with running, rowing makes your major muscles work which will increase the overall amount of body activity. And since it involves all these muscles, rowing is classified as a total body workout.

rowing machineHowever, thanks to exercise rowing machines, now anyone can enjoy the benefits of this natural workout. But do not go right out and buy one until you try using one of these machines first. Rowing machines are created to duplicate the actual exercise that is done on water. And just like actual rowing, exercising on a rowing machine makes both the upper and lower body work. The wonderful thing about all this is that you can work your legs, arms, shins, shoulders, and lower back without experiencing the harmful impact on the joints.

There are four major kinds of rowing machines. There are hydraulic resistance machines, air resistance machines, magnetic resistance machines, and the water resistance machine. Each one of these have a different nature but have the same aim of providing a great total body workout. For example, the air rowing machine sources its resistance through a fan. The intensity of the workout depends entirely on how fast you row.

The idea of learning to row is just as simple as riding a bicycle machine. All you need do is pull the handle in the right direction while sliding your seat and pushing your legs. Of course knowing how to do something and then actually doing it can be two different things. This is a method where it could take some time to realize whether you are doing the rowing technique properly.

One useful tip is to sit correctly on the rowing machine while keeping a good straight posture each time you take a stroke. If your objective is to improve your strength and stamina, you will probably want to use more intensity when rowing. And as with any workout, overworking is not a good thing. If you are working at a lighter intensity, then you can row at your aerobic pace. If you are rowing at a much heavier intensity, then you will want to do it slower.

The strength of your rowing will be the primary factor that determines the effect of your exercise. The harder you row will mean that you will strengthen your muscles while rowing longer will boost your stamina. Make sure though you are able to keep up with the type of rowing resistance you are using.